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It’s natural to worry about moving into a student house share, whether that be financially or socially. However, shared student houses in Hull are a great opportunity to advance yourself personally and come with so many benefits! 

For first-year students, it can be a daunting feeling to even think about, never mind when it actually comes to moving! With freshers and the start of the academic year approaching, we are here to help make your moving experiences smooth and memorable. Here are our tips if you are moving into your first student house share in Hull!

Socialise & Make Friends

A student house share is a great opportunity to make friends by socialising with your new housemates. You’ll often find they may have similar interests and may even be studying the same subject! Societies and clubs are also a great way to meet new people with similar interests and make your uni life that little bit easier! On top of that, Hull is a very friendly city with great nightlife so, head out and meet some locals!

Your housemates could quite possibly be friends for life – you will be living with them for the year and possibly beyond so get yourself out there, introduce yourself and meet new people! 

Be a Good Housemate

There’s nothing worse than having a housemate who is messy – don’t be that person! Clean your things up, don’t leave a mess and your housemates will be so grateful for you. Our student properties create the perfect living environment, you and your housemates will love them when they’re kept tidy!

Budget Accordingly 

It’s no myth that university can be expensive, however, with the right budgeting and sticking to that budget, you’ll be able to balance uni life with your social life with the occasional treat thrown in here and there. 

Shared student accommodation is a great way to help you pay less for your rent and bills since the cost is split between all tenants. Leaving you with a bit extra cash than you would have if you lived by yourself! 

If you need more advice before you move check out our website or get in touch!

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