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“How many people should I live with at Uni?” — this is a question you ask yourself as a first year, second year, third year and beyond. As you naturally spend a lot of your waking (and sleeping hours) there, you want to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and happy in your student accommodation.

For some people, a large student house share in Hull is a no-brainer. For some, it sounds terrifying, but there are actually a lot of advantages to staying in a larger student house/apartment. 

Better Value Per Person

One of the biggest advantages of being in a larger house share in Hull is it’s generally more cost efficient. The general rule is, the more people in the house, the cheaper it is per person. 

Naturally as a student, money can be a worry and staying in a larger student house may reduce that burden slightly — particularly as with Castle Homes, all your bills are included in your rent price. 

This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on privacy — many of our larger student house shares in Hull have en-suite rooms. 

More Social Environment 

Living in a larger house share in Hull means you are less likely to miss out on any social events — there will always be someone who knows what’s going on. Particularly as a first year, you want to be involved and social, as this is how you find your friend group and make memories for the rest of your university life — you need to have a break from studying at some point!

You’ll also have someone to travel to campus with and not be alone, which is peace of mind if it’s your first time living in a new city and don’t know the area — you can work it out together.

Together With Your Friend Group

If you’re a second year, third year or postgraduate student, living in a larger student house or apartment in Hull means that, if you have a bigger friend group, you can live with them all — no one gets left out and you don’t have to pick favourites. 

It also means that you may be able to find other students on the same course to live with so you always have someone there to help with coursework. 

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