Prepare for Moving Into Student Accommodation for First-Years

The date for first years moving into their student accommodation is fast approaching. For the majority of first-year students, moving into student accommodation will be the first time properly leaving home, and for some the first time leaving their home city. It can often be daunting trying to prepare fully to move out. As a leading provider of luxury student accommodation in Hull, we are here to help you prepare for moving into your student property. 


What to Expect with First-Year Student Accommodation

If it is your first time moving away from home, you may be struggling to know what to expect and what actually comes with moving out. Here’s everything to expect with first-year student accommodation. 

First Week Nerves  

If you’re moving in with other people, they’re most likely going to be in the same position as you. They’re also likely to be slightly nervous and apprehensive, you’re all in the same boat! Although it may seem slightly intimidating now, it actually means you all know how each other is feeling and is a great conversation starter! The first step of moving into student accommodation with others is getting to know your housemates! 

How to Prepare for Moving Into Student Accommodation for First-Years, Castle Homes

Unpacking Your Belongings

When it comes to moving in, one of the biggest tips we have is to get there as early as possible to give you as much time to unpack and make the most out of your day. Another huge tip we have is when you’re unpacking, leave your bedroom door open, this way you’re able to make that initial introduction with your housemates — making it as natural as possible! 

How to Prepare for Moving Into Student Accommodation for First-Years, Castle Homes

Forgetting Something 

With so much being packed and transported, forgetting something is more common than you may think. The biggest thing to remember is to pack all of your essentials first, this may be passports and important documents. If you pack them first then they are out of the way and you no longer need to worry about them. 

If you do forget something when you’re unpacking, don’t worry! The majority of things can be easily replaced if going back for them isn’t an option. Luckily, all of our student properties in Hull are located close to a huge range of shops to replace anything you might forget, they’re also located extremely close to local transport links, meaning you can quite easily get into the city centre!

How to Prepare for Moving Into Student Accommodation for First-Years, Castle Homes

Utilise a Student Bank Account 

Not only can a student bank account help save and budget during your stay in student accommodation, but having a student bank account also entitles you to some perks! The perks vary from which provider you go with but sometimes include a free student rail card, discounted food and drinks and sometimes even free cash! 

Even though the free perks are a big drawing factor, it’s important to look for a student bank account with a 0% interest overdraft. Remember to always read the small print before opening your account.


First-Year Student Accommodation in Hull

Moving into student accommodation isn’t as scary as you think! Nerves are completely normal and expected but we’re sure they’ll soon be settled once you settle in. Our student properties in Hull are the perfect place to spend your first year and we’re on hand constantly to help with any property issues you may have. If you found this helpful and are looking for some more tips for moving into student accommodation or even money-saving tips for students, read our previous blogs!  

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