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If it isn’t already, securing your student accommodation should be at the top of your priority list. Student accommodation in Hull is quickly filling up and with the academic year starting in roughly 6 months time, it is vital to make sure you have your accommodation sorted. 

Save The Stress & Worry

Finding the perfect student accommodation does take time and it can sometimes be a bit of a stressful journey. By leaving the student accommodation hunt too late, you’ll only be adding to that stress and worry. With less flats, apartments and houses available the longer you leave it, sorting out your accommodation early is essential to get your hands on your perfect place.

Luckily at Castle Homes, we have a team of experts on hand to help you find the perfect accommodation in time for the start of the academic year. Whether you’re looking for a shared house, one bedroom apartment or an en-suite student flat, we have a huge range of student properties available in Hull to suit your requirements and for you to take a look at.

Flat 1, 301 Beverley Road, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

Get Your Perfect Place

By booking viewings as early as possible, you’ll be able to see as many properties as possible — allowing you to find your perfect place. After all, a lot of your university year will be spent in your accommodation, whether you’re studying there, having pre-drinks before going out or simply just chilling out. It’s important to have the perfect accommodation and environment around you to make the most out of your time here at Hull University. 

If you leave finding your university accommodation in Hull too late, you’re running the risk of not being able to find your perfect place. You may not have the chance to book multiple viewings and most properties are most likely to be already rented out for the next year.

Flat 3, 12 Ryde Street, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

Meet Your Housemates 

Booking your accommodation as early as possible gives you the perfect amount of time to start introducing yourself to your future housemates. Whether you’re from Hull or you’re moving here from another city/country. Our student properties are the perfect place to make your first university friends, especially our student house shares.

By booking your student accommodation in Hull well in advance, you’re able to reach out to your future housemates and introduce yourselves before you actually move in. This makes the whole move-in process so much easier and less stressful! 

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