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One of the biggest benefits of moving away from home for university is the independence you’ll gain. Many people want to live by themselves and haven’t even considered sharing student accommodation between a few people. There are many benefits to sharing student accommodation and should certainly be a consideration. As a student accommodation provider in Hull, we provide a wide range of student properties and student house shares at an extremely affordable price. Here are some of the best benefits of shared student accommodation in Hull.

Benefits of Shared Student Accommodation

Here at Castle Homes, we’re a provider of not only student properties and flats but also shared student accommodation. Although it isn’t for everyone, sharing your student accommodation can be beneficial for a huge range of numbers. When it comes to sharing student accommodation, there are so many options available. You can share with just one other person, possibly a friend that you already know or you can share with multiple other people who you may not know just yet! 

We have properties with one bedroom to properties with ten bedrooms — plenty of options to give you the best possible student experience in Hull.

Saves You Money

By sharing your student accommodation, you will also be sharing your bills — making things more affordable. Obviously, the more people you share with, the cheaper it will end up being. When at uni, one of the biggest stresses other than your studies is often money. At Castle Homes, to make university experience more enjoyable and reduce money stress as much as possible, we offer an all-inclusive bills included student accommodation option. 

A Better Social Environment 

One of the biggest parts of your university experience will be your social life. By sharing your student accommodation with a few people, particularly as a first year, your social life will be enhanced massively. You won’t miss out on any social events going on outside of university but you’ll also create an enjoyable social atmosphere within your property between your housemates. 

Study Benefits 

Sharing your student accommodation with people is a great way to help with your studying. If one of your housemates is studying the same course as you, you can ask questions, revise together and talk about lectures — a massive benefit when it comes to coursework, exams and revision. 

If you’re sharing your accommodation with people not studying the same course as you, you can still benefit greatly from things like group study sessions and even getting to campus together! 

Share The Responsibilities 

There’s no doubt that student houses can easily get a bit messy, and this is even easier when living by yourself. If you’re sharing your accommodation with other people, you can share the responsibilities when it comes to things such as cleaning. Cleaning your student property is much easier when it is shared between housemates rather than doing it yourself!

Shared Student Accommodation in Hull

These are just a few of the benefits of sharing your student accommodation, the list goes on! Whether you’ll be moving in with one of your friends, a few of your friends or moving into a shared property with a group of people you’ve never met, sharing your student accommodation is a great way to help you enjoy your time at university.

Our range of student properties in Hull range from one bedroom all the way to ten bedrooms. To book a viewing of one of our shared student properties, contact us today!

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