When is The Best Time to Look for Student Accommodation?

One of the biggest questions students face after results day is ‘When is the best time to look for student accommodation?’. It’s a difficult question to answer and the truth is, it changes depending on several factors including where you’re going to uni and what sort of accommodation you’re looking for. If you start looking too early, you may make the mistake of not doing enough research about the area and university, if you start looking too late, you may risk missing out on your dream student property. Here are some pivotal months to consider when looking for student accommodation. 

Student House Hunting in October, November & December 

Although it may seem incredibly early to be looking for your 2024-2025 Student accommodation, this is the perfect time to start getting an idea of your student accommodation requirements and the potential area of your accommodation. The majority of landlords will begin property advertising during these months so it is the perfect time to start scoping out potential properties. 

By getting the ball rolling early and potentially even booking your student accommodation early, you can remove a massive weight off your shoulders knowing you have a place to live for the first year of your university life. 

When is The Best Time to Look for Student Accommodation, Student House Hull, Castle Homes

Student Property Searching in January 

After the Christmas and New Year period, January is a time when the student accommodation market is much more competitive with more students actively looking for their student houses and flats. 

Although you aren’t late to the party, you’ve just joined the accommodation hunt at a similar time to everyone else. If you’re searching for your student accommodation in January, you may find more houses are being snapped up quickly and property viewings are getting harder to book. 

When looking for student accommodation in January, it’s important to act fast to get your ideal property and location, as soon as you see an available property, get a viewing booked and get the ball rolling to avoid missing out.

When is The Best Time to Look for Student Accommodation, Student House Hull, Castle Homes

Booking Student Accommodation in March

Booking student accommodation in March is considered quite late. In an ideal world, your student accommodation should be sorted and arranged by the end of March. However, this isn’t always possible due to several reasons and circumstances.

If you’re looking for accommodation in March, you may have to compromise on size and location — it may not have been your first choice. It’s important to liaise with landlords and check availability. Given the popularity of our student accommodation in Hull, we advise booking as early as possible and constantly checking our availability online or by contacting us. 

Student Accommodation in Hull with Castle Homes

As a leading provider of luxury student accommodation in Hull, we pride ourselves on knowing our fair share of knowledge and tips. Although personal circumstances may disrupt your student accommodation hunt, we’d strongly recommend beginning your student accommodation search from October to December to give you the best chance of finding your perfect student property. 

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