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With moving-in day for students on the Horizon, it’s likely you’ve already got your student accommodation in Hull sorted out. Whether you’re moving into a Castle Homes property or not this year, as a student property provider in Hull, we’re incredibly proud of our city and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. Here’s why Hull is the perfect student city (not biased). 



Hull is known for being an affordable city whether you’re a student or not. In fact, for years, it’s topped the charts for student affordability and has continued that tradition this year. In Hull, you can expect to pay a whole lot less for a whole lot more! 

For the majority of students, a pint of beer is very much welcomed on a hot Summer day in the beer garden, if this sounds like you then you’re in luck. Last year, Hull was crowned number 1 for the university with the cheapest pint in the UK, costing you just a little over £3 on average and 80% cheaper than London. Not just this, Hull is incredibly cheap for a number of other things on average, for example:

It’s no wonder students from all over the world love Hull just as much as we do! 


Festivals and Fairs

Throughout the year, Hull is host to a number of festivals and fairs and has something for everyone. Whether it’s the world-famous Hull Fair, Europe’s largest travelling fun fair, Hull Pride, Freedom Festival or Humber Street Sesh – Hull has everything.

This year, Hull Pride takes place on the 27th of July, Freedom Festival takes place from the 28th of August to the 1st of September, Live from the Yard is a three-day festival from the 8th of August to the 11th and finally Tribfest 2024 is happening from the 15th of August to the 18th of August.


Culture and History 

Hull is a vibrant city rich in history and culture with so much to learn and do. As a city, we’re lucky to have quite a few museums, galleries and exhibitions to explore. Whether you’re learning about Hull’s maritime past and what originally put Hull on the map, discovering how Hull and William Wilberforce were involved in the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire or you’re exploring sea creatures in The Deep. There truly is something to learn for everyone in Hull. 


Student Friendliness

Hull has always been known as a student-friendly city, and that reputation continues to grow each year. As a city, Hull attracts students from all corners of the world and offers a life-changing student experience. The campus is a lively and friendly place to be with something always happening. 

Not only this, Hull is a thriving transport hub with second-to-none transport links. From Hull, you can get to all major UK towns and cities including Leeds, Manchester, London and Edinburgh. Hull’s also a port city, meaning from just a short ferry journey, you can reach mainland Europe. What’s not to love? 


Loving Hull From Your Castle Homes Student Accommodation

If you’re looking for your future student accommodation in Hull then we have a huge selection of properties available. Having a great place to stay during your studies in an essential part of enjoying your student life. Whether you’re studying, relaxing or getting ready for a night around town, your accommodation is your home away from home – we’re here to offer you the very best. 

Take a look at our properties online and book a viewing for your next student accommodation property in Hull.

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