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As we’re now well into the year, you may still be trying to get back into a studying routine after the Christmas break. If you find yourself in that position, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! There are plenty of students up and down the country adjusting back into a study routine ahead of their upcoming exams. Many students find that studying outside of their normal environment can be extremely beneficial, and there’s actually some science to back this up! 

Switching up your study spots can have several benefits including:

With so many benefits of studying in other spaces, where are the best study spots in Hull? As a leading provider of luxury student properties in Hull, we have a team that works closely with students to ensure they have the best possible Hull experience. Here are some of our favourite study spots in Hull. 


The Brynmor Jones Library

The Brynmor Jones Library is the main library at the University of Hull and was opened in 1929. The 7-floor library contains over a million books, plus other reference materials and a large number of open-access computers for students and even offers panoramic views of the whole city on the top floor. The library has multiple study spots including the cafe, computers and quiet rooms, there’s even a British art gallery to break up your study time. One of the best things about the library is the 24-hour access, perfect for those inevitable all-nighters you’re going to be pulling to meet your deadlines.

The Best Places to Study in Hull, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

The Deep 

If you’ve been studying Hull for the last few months, there’s an extremely large possibility that you’ve heard about The Deep. Billed as ‘the world’s only submarium’, The Deep is home to thousands of marine animals including penguins and seven shark species. The main cafe at The Deep offers spectacular views of the Humber Estuary and is the perfect place to switch up your study spot. We’d of course recommend taking a walk around the aquarium for a unique experience however if you just want to use the cafe to study, you can visit the main cafe without needing to pay for the main attraction. 

The Best Places to Study in Hull, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops in Hull

Newland Avenue and Hull City Centre are home to some unbelievable independent coffee shops and cafes, perfect to sit down for a couple of hours to focus on your studies. Studying in a cosy and atmospheric setting can help spark your creativity, especially with a cup of caffeine by your side. And, even better, they all have their own sweet treats! 

Some of our favourites are: 

The Best Places to Study in Hull, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

Picturesque Study Spots in Hull

As the weather is (very slowly) getting warmer, you might want to take your studying outside. In Hull, we’re lucky to have several picturesque spots to study. One that is always popular in the summer days is Humber Street. Filled with independent cafes, bars restaurants with a mix of art and culture, Humber Street is a unique and vibrant spot in the heart of Hull’s Fruit Market. 

If you’re looking for a bit of a quieter spot, Hull has plenty to offer. The grounds of the University have a range of nature spots and are extremely convenient for students. Other popular spots amongst students are East Park, Queen’s Gardens and the Humber Bridge Country Park.

Study in Hull, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

Your Student Accommodation in Hull

If you’re a student from out of the city studying in Hull, you may find that your student accommodation is your ideal study spot. You’re often secluded, away from distractions and in a comfortable space. If you’ve got your student accommodation with us, we wouldn’t blame you. We take pride in offering students the most luxurious accommodation in the region with the perfect study spaces. 

Study Spots in Hull, Student Accommodation Hull, Castle Homes

If you’re thinking of studying in Hull in the next academic year or are looking to switch your next year’s accommodation, then book a viewing with one of our student properties in Hull

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