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University isn’t just about academics, having the perfect accommodation is a huge part of your uni life. Having a space where you are able to feel safe, forge friendships and create new memories is exactly what you need to help get you through your studies. Here at Castle Homes, we provide just that — now is the best time to prepare for your 2023/24 student accommodation in Hull


Top Tips When Moving Into University Accommodation 

Moving into new accommodation can be daunting and often stressful. At Castle Homes, you can be assured that your entire experience will be easy and stress-free from start to finish. We’ve helped an endless number of students find and settle into their accommodation, so here are our top tips…  

Contact Your Housemates

Your housemates are the people you’ll be living with for that academic year, so by reaching out to them, you’ll be able to chat, get to know each other or even meet them before you move in. Everything is easier when you know who you’re moving in with before you actually move in! 


It’s pretty common knowledge that university can be expensive with multiple bills and general living costs coming out of your bank every month, which can be daunting and stressful. By budgeting effectively, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s coming out and when it’s coming out, enabling you to calculate your disposable income and plan ahead.

With Castle Homes, we offer an all-inclusive bills option. This option brings all of your bills  together as one monthly cost including:

By choosing this option, we’ll take care of managing all your individual bills, making your life that little bit easier. Why stress when you don’t need to? 

Knowing the City

When you’re moving to a new city for university, you may not be very familiar with your surroundings which can make moving into your student accommodation pretty intimidating. Luckily, Hull is a pretty tight-knit city with everything close by – the university itself is all located on one campus, which is extremely useful! Knowing the city you’re moving to is great for you to plan days and nights out and to just generally know where you are! There’s an endless number of things to do in and around Hull including The Deep, eating out, mini golf and Hull Fair to name a few!

Our student properties in Hull are all close to the university with excellent transport links! By catching the bus to the city centre, you’re within walking distance to an abundance of bars, restaurants and high street shops, as well as the train station – perfect if you’re fancying a day trip to the beach or a weekend break in London. 

Make Your Room Yours

For most, moving to university is the first time moving away from your home so feeling a bit homesick is completely natural. One of the best ways to combat that feeling is to decorate your room in a way that makes you feel at home – make it super comfortable and full of your favourite things. 

Here at Castle Homes, we offer a range of different property types all close to everything you’ll need. To take a look at our available properties or to book a viewing check out our properties page online or get in touch! 

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