Here at Castle Homes we take serious pride in our all ourstudent accommodation properties located in Hull. It’s essential to get the right property that suits you whether you want to have a bunch of friends living with you or if you want to live by yourself it doesn’t matter, we will have a living solution for you. 

One of our most popular property types are our 6 + bedroom houses and apartments. Having two located in Alexandra house, two in Beech Grove and one on Beverly Road they are the perfect living spaces for a group of students. 

“What are the advantages of living in a 6 + Bedroom apartment/house?”

Well, there’s many firstly you have the incrediblsocial vibe that these propertiesdo bring. They’re the perfect place to host pre-drinks a few friends. If that’s not your vibe then they are all incredibly spacious made for you to chill out as a group or by yourself in your room. You might think that due to the sheer quantity these properties hold the quality of furnishings aren’t up to scratch. You couldn’t be more wrong in fact, all our properties come with the highest quality furnishings no matter where you’re stay with Castle Homes as your student accommodation provider in Hull. 

For more information feel free to drop us a message and chat to a member of our friendly team, we’re more than happy to help. You can even head over to our Facebook page where we post the latest properties and even student news for you. 


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