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Castle Homes are based in the thriving city of Hull. It may not have the best reputation, but we promise it’s nowhere near as bad as some make out. After Hull was named City of Culture back in 2017, the city has received a massive face-lift with lots to offer. We understand it’s important for a student to live in an area with lots going on, that’s why we ensure all of our properties are never too far away from the social scene.


There is always a nightclub to go to in Hull, no matter what day of the week. Piper is a popular club located on Newland Avenue, here you can spend the night listening to the top R&B hits. ATIK club is another hotspot located in the city centre, here you can enjoy a variety of music from the friend’s theme tune to chart music, they have it all. A final club, which is favoured by the majority of students is the Welly club. Again, Welly hosts a variety of music but if you like cheap drinks, this is the place for you. These are only a few of the popular clubs in Hull, there is also Old Town full of pubs and other small clubs, as well as Fuel and lots of other fantastic opportunities for a great night out with friends.

Newland Avenue & Princes Avenue

The avenues are a great place for students to socialise with a wide variety of restaurants and bars. There is also an array of different shops, newsagents & hair salons, all providing you with the essentials when you need them. We have a variety of properties situated on Newland Avenue, so you can guarantee you will be close to all of the action when renting from us.


Hull has all the main shops you could possibly need, from Topshop & Topman to Primark & River Island, we’ve got you covered. All of our student housing is close to lots of food shops & the University itself, so everything you need is always close by.


We have a variety of different buses with numerous routes to ensure you can reach any desired destination. Whether you’re visiting friends in the city or you want a quick journey to the city centre, we can assure you that getting from A to B is no problem with the different transport available.

These are only a few aspects of city life here in Hull. Aside from all the social places there’s other attractions such as The Deep and the Street life Museum. Hull has something for everyone, whether it’s social events or information centres, we’ve got you covered.

For more information feel free to drop us a message and chat to a member of the team, we’re more than happy to help or you could even head over to our Facebook page and take a look at our latest properties.


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