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Whether you’ve been studying in Hull for a year or you’re due to start in September, there are always things about our amazing city to learn, particularly if you’re a student moving into the city from elsewhere. Hull is an incredibly student-friendly city and is in fact one of the most affordable cities in the UK for students, with plenty of places to eat, drink and explore. As a leading student accommodation provider, here’s our student guide to Hull.


The Best Student Accommodation in Hull

One of the most important things before you start university is actually finding a place to stay during your studies. At Castle Homes, we’re proud to be one of the best student accommodation providers in Hull and offer some of the most luxurious student properties. 

We believe that having a safe, secure and homely place to stay during your studies is essential to the success of your academic year. We pride ourselves on offering our students one of the best places to relax, study and socialise in the area. If you’re a student moving to Hull to begin your university journey or are a current student looking for their future accommodation, take a look at our available properties and book a viewing

Our accommodation is extremely close to the university and all major transport links, meaning you can access everything the city and local area has to offer. 


Where to Go & What to Do in Hull for a Student

As mentioned, Hull is incredibly student-friendly and has so much on offer in terms of activities and places to go – many places in Hull even offer student discounts and offers! If you’re looking for an activity to do with your house or classmates, then Hull has a number of escape rooms available and an 18-hole mini golf course. 

There are also many cinemas in and around the city centre with some prices as low as £4 for a ticket. Hull also has indoor and outdoor go-karting tracks as well as a top tracer golf driving range and an ice rink. As a student living in Hull, there are endless activities to help take a break from your studies. 

If you’re looking for a slightly more chilled day out, there are a large number of museums and scenic nature walks in and around Hull. The museum quarter is an excellent place to learn about the rich history Hull has to offer. Whereas the Humber Bridge country park is a stunning walk along the bank of the Humber. We also have several public parks including East Park and Pickering Park. During your time spent in Hull, The Deep is a must-see! 

Given that Hull is quite a major city, we have an array of transport links to get you all around the country. Some popular days out students enjoy include Hornsea, Bridlington, Whitby and York. For something slightly different, many students love the ‘Dutch Dash’, a mini-cruise from Hull to The Netherlands. 


Student-Friendly Places to Eat & Drink in Hull 

There are endless places to eat and drink in Hull with many of them offering student discounts. The city centre has several restaurants with cuisine from every corner of the world. Some of the most popular places to eat in Hull and are worth trying out include;

When it comes to getting a drink or two, Hull has a reputation for being an affordable student night out with multiple bars, pubs and clubs to spread across your night. With everything from national chain bars to independent pubs, Hull has everything. 

The main clubs in Hull are Atik, The Welly, Piper, Asylum, Spiders, Propaganda and Fuel. The latter two clubs are known for their £1 drinks on a Wednesday night. Spiders is also known for its insanely cheap prices. Asylum is the on-campus club and Piper and Welly are incredibly close to the university and our student accommodation. Atik is a popular nightclub in the city centre that hosts many events and known artists. Hull’s old town is known for its street full of bars including Silvers, Dirty Dick’s, Pink Parrot, Yates and Tiffany’s – all the bars down Whitefriargate are worth a pop in and drink during your night out!

If you don’t want the nightclub atmosphere, there are a range of cocktail bars and independent pubs in the area. Of course, you have the three Wetherspoons in Hull if you’re looking for well-priced food and drinks. The Lexington Rooftop Bar is a great place for a drink overlooking the city. High Street in Hull’s old town is home to several independent pubs including The Sailmakers Arms, The Lion & Key and Ye Old White Harte. 

As you can see, Hull is an incredible place to be a student. If you’re on the hunt for your student accommodation for the 2024/25 year, get in touch with us today or book a viewing on our website!

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